Thoughts for the new semester

It has been quite a challenge from the start of the first semester of my first year at the University. AUPP, or the American University of Phnom Penh, is what it is called. Located at the Tuol Kork Region of Phnom Penh, it has provided me with a decent year as of so far. I taken courses to which I should be learning, met new people especially friends and professors alike and also experienced what it is to be a university student.

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Music Series – Blues

I first heard of Blues when I was eating ice cream.  Blues incorporated spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts, and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. The music touched me, the feeling of euphoria, ecstasy or just pure pleasure.

Here are some example of famous blues music:

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Fall of Phnom Penh

17th April, 1975 marked the fall of Phnom Penh.

A “butterfly effect” of the Vietnam war.

The Government of Phnom Penh was forced to surrender.

The Khmer Rouge captured the already fallen capital, the Khmer Republic that came in power along side a bloodless coup by Lt. Gen. Lon Nol, who fled the country when the country fall, enjoying life in the coast of Hawaii. Coward or not, I am not the person to say.

A Lonely Hobbit

Hobbits are small, hairy, creatures which lives along the hillside, mostly found in small hills and hedges, of New Zealand. We, Hobbits, seek peace and tranquility; doing so by hiding in the hole of ours.



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