Fall of Phnom Penh

17th April, 1975 marked the fall of Phnom Penh.

A “butterfly effect” of the Vietnam war.

The Government of Phnom Penh was forced to surrender.

The Khmer Rouge captured the already fallen capital, the Khmer Republic that came in power along side a bloodless coup by Lt. Gen. Lon Nol, who fled the country when the country fall, enjoying life in the coast of Hawaii. Coward or not, I am not the person to say.


A Small Khmer Gathering 

It is a tiring Sunday, a day where most juveniles, like myself, wake up at 11 in the morning and eat one meal for both breakfast and lunch.

The reason behind waking up late is due to the fact that I had to write a research paper which is due next week – not. It is mostly because of staying up late, playing video games and watching Japanese cartoons (yes they are great!).

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Beginning of the Fall

Cambodia is a small democratic kingdom which is located in the almost southern-peak of Southeast-Asia. With the population of fourteen million citizen; Cambodia is regarded as a country with a smaller popular. This small population was the result of civil wars which raged across the country during the 1960’s until the start of the twenty-first century.

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