Thoughts for the new semester

It has been quite a challenge from the start of the first semester of my first year at the University. AUPP, or the American University of Phnom Penh, is what it is called. Located at the Tuol Kork Region of Phnom Penh, it has provided me with a decent year as of so far. I taken courses to which I should be learning, met new people especially friends and professors alike and also experienced what it is to be a university student.

Although, I am nothing more than a freshman who is planning to take Business as a major, I could still feel the differences between high-school and University. There were sleepless nights, some caused by procrastination while others caused by pressure from most internal and external sources.

Nothing to be absolutely scared of but there are worries though. Worries of not getting the grades that one would want, worries of going to class too early or too due, often due to the terrible traffic in Phnom Penh, worries of not being able to socialize properly … and the list goes on and on, forever compiling as I attend everyday.

What would change? What would be new for me to experience? Who will I be meeting and maybe socialize with? Could I become taller? All of the lingering questions exists, storing in the inside of average sized brain, and more thoughts of eventually arise. However, even with all the unanswered questions, I am still looking forward and always ready to accept newer things in life.



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