A Small Khmer Gathering 

It is a tiring Sunday, a day where most juveniles, like myself, wake up at 11 in the morning and eat one meal for both breakfast and lunch.

The reason behind waking up late is due to the fact that I had to write a research paper which is due next week – not. It is mostly because of staying up late, playing video games and watching Japanese cartoons (yes they are great!).

During the time I am currently write this, it is a period of celebration for Khmer folks. Khmer new year is the event, maybe an excuse for us laid back nationalists to take a breather and to intoxicate oneself with others to the limit. Yes, people get drunk. No, I do not drink. I am not legal to. However, in each and every gatherings in such rituals, one would feel rather attracted to the national beer. No matter of what age or gender, if you mention anything about “gatherings,” then there would be a person in any group to buy “clean ice and a case of Angkor.”

Yes, I am generalizing my own country but I am just voicing out my observations and opinions.

Today, this evening, at the time I am currently writing this due to the fact that I am horrible at socializing, I am currently in one of these gatherings. A family gathering to be specific. There’s food and crabs. Yes, crabs as in those delicious six-legged crustaceans. Everyone is having a good time. Older relatives and drinking. Aunts and the other females of the same generation are discussing about “something.” That something is indeed complex, so complex that even I do not posses the intellectual capacity to comprehend. I am here, sitting on a floor, one big square tile, with the “aunts,” phone in hand, a can of soda on my side, left, and that is pretty much my current situation. It is quite sad to be in this situation, rambling, but I am grateful as there are people starving out there.

“How will I survive? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai!”


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