Beginning of the Fall

Cambodia is a small democratic kingdom which is located in the almost southern-peak of Southeast-Asia. With the population of fourteen million citizen; Cambodia is regarded as a country with a smaller popular. This small population was the result of civil wars which raged across the country during the 1960’s until the start of the twenty-first century.


Civil wars have many causes which could derive from politics, international conflicts, international disagreement, failing economy and/or even hatred. From my point of view, as an undergraduate business freshmen; racism might have been one of the more effective catalysts in breeding hatred between one race with itself or one race with another race.



In Cambodia’s history, after gaining independence from France, being a colony in the Indochinese region, Cambodia became a steady developing country in the south-eastern part of Asia during the Sangkum, which ranged from 1955 to 1970, and led by King Norodom Sihanouk. In that period, Cambodia was named as the pearl of Asia due to the stead-fast development in its industry as well as one of the major exporter of industrialized material. However, not all things stay peaceful as during that time, Khmer citizen, Cambodians, came to hate the Vietnamese.


Campaigns regarding driving out illegal Vietnamese immigrants were held throughout the country. In addition, protests and demonstrations were also held in key-political points in the capital, which is Phnom Penh. Many were held in front of public sectors and/or ministries, government buildings, to raise awareness as well as to ignite the “Khmer spirit”, a sense of extreme nationalism.


Internal conflicts inside the government’s interior were also abundance as during the time, different ideologies were in-play. The notion of neutrality which was induced by King Norodom was in play during the bombing of the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese bombing was conducted by the United Stated to block and destroy weapon trade routes along the north-eastern part of Cambodia. The bombing had minimal effectiveness as the Vietnamese forces moved their trade routes inside the border of Cambodia. The United States wanted Cambodia to side with them in order to bring their army to eradicate the Vietnamese trade routes. However, Cambodia being a neutral country, declined the United States offer. Although, Cambodia was said to be a neutral country, the country’s relationship with the Asian superpower, China, was very intimate. One could say that Cambodia was a neutral country that leaned to the communist side rather than the democratic. This declination by Cambodia caused another problem, a problem that was so big that it caused the fall of Cambodia.




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