I, a 17 years old college student from Cambodia, welcome you to my personal website.

One of the many aims of this webpage/blog/place of harmony, is to fill my course requirements.

HOWEVER, there is more to that testimony as my goal is also to make my personal website a place where random thoughts of the world and society could be stored publicly and that the thoughts of the internet could be heard.

I have quite a few hobbies. I like reading Chinese martial arts novel, computer games, music of the various genres (mostly classical rock and electronic music) and I know a bit about Basketball.

LonelyHobbits is a name that I think describes people like myself perfectly- inactive, introverted and just contemptibly lacking the courage to do things.

I hope that you could share your ideas about my ideas and see whether ideas would conflict one and another or not, which is quite nice and entertaining (if one looks at arguing from a optimistic perspective).